Lunar no. 07


Wheel thrown stoneware jar. Thrown in two pieces, then assembled. Black stoneware w. white slip, scratch marks. Very lightly glazed with a transparent silk matte glaze, the inside is glazed with a transparent silk matte glaze.

"Ever since I saw a moon jar in Japan I´ve marveled at the skill that goes into making these; the calm, strong expression they possess is impressive. Also, the fact that they are made in two pieces and then assembled add to the complexity of making the jar. Though I´m highly influenced by the Japanese tradition, I´m aware of my Scandinavian inheritance. Making a moon jar is infused with old traditions and symbols; some I might not grasp the full depth of – but I do hope that the sincere love of form shines through in my pieces, and that they too convey calm and strength. That´s what I´ve been aiming for in shaping my jars."

H: 27 cm. / 10.62 In. Dia: 26 cm. / 10.32 In.

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