“I consistently work on refining my craftsmanship – only to then forget it — to trust the process and then get out of the way. I work in the junction between Scandinavian minimalism and Japanese Wabi aesthethics: The beauty of imperfection.”

My training started more than twenty years ago, attending art schools in Denmark, Turkey and England. Since 2008 I´ve run my own studio, making one-of-a-kind pieces for collectors around the globe.

The main body of my work is wheel thrown pieces, some intuitively chiseled and carved. The Japanese
Hakeme-technique is used for brushwork.

To me, the process of working with clay is a physical and intuitive matter, rather than a matter of the mind.

Every encounter with clay is a learning experience; it pushes back, collapses, does unexpected things. And all the while one need to accommodate, to stay flexible and be patient.

While I´m highly inspired by the Japanese Wabi-sabi aesthethics with its penchant for the imperfect, the Scandinavian design tradition with its minimalism is a cornerstone of my work. The muted tones of my pieces have a reminisce of the natural surroundings of Denmark.

Combining the two cultures in the aesthetic field has resulted in what I like to refer to as “Nordic Wabi-sabi.”

I live far out in the country with my family. The studio is located in an old barn which has been renovated. The view from my studio is stunning; fields, meadows and a hill.

My inspiration stems from nature; the island I live on and my childhood memories by the raw North Sea.

You can explore my work through galleries here and in my online shop here.

I offer a preview of my works to collectors worldwide before they go public. Sign up on the list below.